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Northern Pike

Welcome to the Ontario Freshwater Fishes Life History Database


A fully searchable database for all Ontario and adjacent Great Lakes freshwater fishes including introduced, extirpated and extinct species.

Contains current information pertaining to life history, habitat, size and age, distribution, conservation status, ecological value, reproduction and nomenclature for 156 species, 3 subspecies and 2 established hybrids.

Includes photographs, range maps, notes, Ontario record lengths and weights, length-weight regression coefficients, information sources, glossary of terms and related web links.


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Name or Code:  Common, French or Scientific name, Authority, Family, Taxonomic Serial Number or OMNRF species code

Conservation Status:  GRank, NRank, SRank, COSEWIC, SARO, AFS

Ecological Value:  origin, general abundance, tolerance and/or economic importance

Habitat and Feeding:  general habitat, environment, thermal regime and/or trophic class

Reproduction:  reproductive guild, spawning habitat, spawning season and/or nursery habitat


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