Pygmy Whitefish
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Name and Code
Salmonidae - trouts and salmons
Prosopium coulterii
Taxonomic Authority
(Eigenmann & Eigenmann 1892)
Common Name(s)
Pygmy Whitefish
French Name
ménomini pygmée
Species Code
Family TSN
Parent TSN
Species TSN
Conservation Status
Global Rank (GRank)
G5 (2008-01-15)
National Rank (NRank)
N21, N1N22 (2017-12-22)
Provincial Rank (SRank)
SU (1997-10-10)
Threatened1, Data Deficient2 (Nov 2016)
SARO Status
Not at Risk1, Data Deficient2 (2017)
AFS Status
Status Notes
(1) Great Lakes-Upper St. Lawrence populations; (2) Saskatchewan-Nelson Rivers populations
Ecological Value
Ontario Origin
General Abundance
limited distribution
Economic Importance
Length-Weight Regression Coefficents
Intercept (a)
Slope (b)
Length Basis
Habitat and Feeding
General Habitat(s)
lacustrine; riverine
Trophic Class
Thermal Regime
Habitat Preference
cold, deep waters (18-90 m) of lakes, usually >30 m; preferred water temperature <10°C
Reproductive Guild
Nonguarders: Open substratum spawners: Lithophils
Spawning Habitat(s)
lacustrine; riverine
Spawning Season
Spawning Month(s)
Spawning Temperature (°C)
Nursery Habitat(s)
Size and Age
Adult Length (cm)
9.1-15.1 TL
Adult Weight (kg)
Age at Maturity (yrs)
2 (m); 3 (f)
Maximum Length (cm)
27.1 FL
Maximum Weight (kg)
Lifespan (yrs)
5-7 (m); 7-9 (f)
Ontario Records
Record Length (cm)
14.2 TL
Record Weight (kg)
Ontario Range Map
Pygmy Whitefish range
Ontario Distribution
Lake Superior, northwestern Ontario (Delaney Lake, Silver Lake, Winnange Lake, Mameigwess Lake) Saskatchewan - Nelson River basin
Pygmy Whitefish photograph
Pygmy Whitefish photograph
Lake Superior population discovered in 1952 is over 1,600 km outside the normal range (Pacific Northwest)
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